'I have devoted my whole life to Art and now the moment has come to share the wealth that I have collected over the years, to bring hope and light in these dark chaotic times where fear reigns.' Madama 

Scroll: Focus, 2 sides painted unframed canvas, nr 10 of the 12 canvases from the Colourtemple, 220 x 150 cm, 2018 verso
Recto: Intergalactic Portal.


What is Modern Sacred Art?

Modern Sacred Art distinguishes itself from traditional religious Sacred Art. It is Modern/Contemporary. It isn’t linked to one specific style but it is 'The New Stream, Medicine Art from the Heart'.
There is a growing interest in the healing power of Art, Music etc. also in museums and scientific publications. Madama developed this practice and insight more than 25 years ago. Specifically in her unframed canvases, painted on both sides. They are the scores at concerts but also challenge people to look in silence at the painting, ‘sit in the large painting’ and create their own story. The Colour Temple is recently the venue for this experience. Modern Sacred Art is Ritual Art, it has essence in its meaning and story.
Art as Medicine that nourishes. It is an ecological way of experiencing art, it gives spiritual, sacred nourishment and enriches your consciousness. You become aware that you are an infinite potential spiritual being, a sovereign domain, a creator.

Sacred Art can be expressed in many different ways, figurative, trans figurative, abstract or cross over. The common denominator is the energetic and healing power. It can be experienced in the work of Rembrandt, Michelangelo Van Gogh, Rothko, Niki de St. Phalle, Frida Kahlo.
The MAMMSA foundation manages Madama’s core collection. The core collection is the fundament for Madama Museum Modern Sacred Art.

Participation, Creation Realisation
That is what MAMMSA stands for and wants to transmit by the different Art expressions. Address and activate the creative energy in everybody as in Madama Living Art Events, talks, lectures, workshops etc., as co-creator. To establish a movement of people who live and work from a creative perspective in the broadest sense of the word. Create a positive life field as counterweight in these chaotic times.

Open meeting space
MAMMSA is an open meeting space for creation, exchange and support. We organize expositions, lectures and will undertake anything to highlight Madama Movement Modern Sacred Art and connect artists that work in the same tradition. In the end this will result in a Madama Modern Sacred Art Museum where all activities in cooperation with other artists can take place.
The movement expands by Podcasts, blogs, lectures, expositions.

Madama shares her insights every week in an article inspired by a painting, text etc.

We like to get in touch with:

  • People who underwrite another vision on Art and know how enriching this experience can be.
  • People/companies that want to support us with donations
  • People who want to organise a Madama Living Art event and invite their network.
  • People who want to volunteer to assist in the studio or garden.

 Who are we?

Madama (Margareth Adama) is more than 50 years professional artist, inspirator, author and transformation coach. Madama has a very extensive oeuvre in the visual arts, and transforms the energy of her paintings and texts in piano music: Madama Living Art Concert. She is founder of the first transcultural art gallery Villa Baranka in Amsterdam in the ‘80s. Her work is in collections abroad and in the Netherlands.
Dr Ida Guinee supports Madama’s work, as editor and curator of the collection.
They founded Capella Almadama Art & Education Centre in Amersfoort and Paradama da Esperanza in Maria Hoop where Madama Living Art Concerts, workshops and coaching take place.

MAMMSA is a non profit ANBI foundation, see statute.

More information: MAMMSA: Dr. Ida Guinee, Diergaarderstraat-West 15, 6105 CJ Maria Hoop +31622620793

KvK nr 86107631, RSIN 863863565. See also excerpt from statute.

How can we take the journey together?

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